Motorcycle Shop and Features of Metropolis Bikes

City Exercise bikes returns this Friday to Barracks Row at 719 8th Lane, the former internet site of Polish capitol Hill Bicycles. The company says it is “re-invigorating a section of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, among the city’s trendiest areas. ” The company is going to feature it is new brand of aluminum lines designed for bikes and also other items. Your local store will also uses an updated version of its well-known Wheel-n-Crycer ice cream van and serve sodas and coffee.

Other items in the store that are changing from your traditional bike shop look are the color scheme, brand, and style of countless of the displays. The shop definitely will feature an earth-friendly, steel shape “tourism couch post” and a modern bicycle with an aluminum couch post, created by noted cyclist Peter Clever. He says that the design combines the best of contemporary and traditional urban style aesthetics.

You’re able to send website says that it is first event will be in Saturday, Oct 13 in the Pike Place Market at 9th and Pike streets. The grand starting will include live music, local festivities, and the very first edition for the City Bicycles catalog. Hours after that, the store will be celebrating Bike Month with special events and snacks to celebrate cycling culture in Seattle. No word on if they will be having a Bike Month bike drive.

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